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Y2K or the 2000 effect: the source of inspiration for our new collection of mobile phone cases

Do you remember the year 2000 effect? In the last days of 1999 we were expectant with the effects of passing the digits. Nobody knew what would happen to computers and other electronic devices of the time. Would it be the end of the world? Luckily – and other doomsday warnings later – we are still here.

Y2K trend

So Fetch!

In those days, glitter, stickers, navel piercings and tribal tattoos dominated covers and marked the aesthetics of the music videos of singers like Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilera or Gwen Stefani . As far as cinema is concerned, Means Girls we could say that it is the most representative film of that fashion of the 2000s. A fashion that has returned to the scene with the name of Y2K. Current artists such as Dua Lipa, Rhianna or Bella Hadid have joined in, incorporating this trend into their outfits and accessories.

BBZ Collection

At Kuori we could not be less and we have joined this trend with a new collection of phone cases, the BBZ collection. Why this name? Because it is one of many words that we shortened when sending an SMS when our phone didn't even have WhatsApp. Five limited edition designs created in our Headquarters that you can combine with the most iconic straps and necklaces from our catalog.

 Y2K cell phone cases

And you? If you are one of those who have rummaged through your closet in search of old relics from 2000 to bring them back to life, you have to take a look at our BBZ collection. Enter our online store and get the case and strap to complete your Y2K outfit.

By the way, if you feel like it, you can listen to the Spotify playlist that we have created on our account with artists from the 2000s, while you decide between a miniskirt and crop top or an oversized outfit.


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