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In Your Case 003 - March 2024 - Fashion / Tech / Lifestyle by Kuori

The prints that bloom and take root this spring

Polka dots, vertical stripes, wavy shapes and, above all, the eternal leopard, are the prints that are already in trend this spring-summer season. We explain it to you.

If there is a print that has been crowned the king of the jungle this season, it is the leopard animal print, both in its most realistic format and in its variations of spots with fantasy colors. But above all the classic print, which you can combine with a red piece or use as an accessory for a total black look.

Polka dots or polka dots remain a must-have print for a complete wardrobe. The vertical stripes, promoted by brands such as Louis Vuitton for this SS2024, and the wavy shapes that instinctively evoke the 70s, as well as the daring harlequin print suggested by Versace or Vivienne Westwood, are going to be very present.

As you see, you have many possibilities to play with your outfits. Have you already decided on the prints you will use? And remember that intense colors have been left behind, giving way to powder pink, baby blue and other pastel tones, as well as cherry red.

News from MWC 2024

The latest edition of the Mobile World Congress, held at the end of February in Barcelona, has left us with some news that takes us to a science fiction world in a not so distant future.

Between robots with brains super advanced like AMECA, which uses a GPT-4 language model from Open Ai, and not as cognitively advanced, but more endearing, like Xiaomi's robot dogs, Cyberdog 2, or Tecno's Dynamic 1. We have been left upside down with so much Artificial Intelligence and so many futuristic devices.

We have also been amazed by the first approved flying car, Model A, from the company Alef Aeronautics. We found Samsung's Galaxy Ring smart ring very interesting, which monitors your health and even creates meal plans for you. And the presentation of the new Xiaomi 14 series already makes us think about how we can "dress" these new smartphones. In conclusion, AI is becoming consolidated in our daily lives and robots seem to have arrived, for now, in peace.

Maxi jewelry and other trendy accessories

There are pieces of jewelry that are timeless, but that are reinvented to adjust to the nuances of each fashion and stand out as the ideal trendy accessory. This is the case, for example, of bows, present both in the most sophisticated dresses of the 1930s and in Jean Paul Gaultier's latest earrings. They are also an icon of the Coquette style, so fashionable in the latest TikTok videos.

Another classic accessory that returns are pearls, eternal mother-of-pearl marine jewels that so many royal bodies have worn throughout history . If brands like Dior or Chanel continue betting on them for this season, we will continue to be in with the pearl. We already tell you that you will soon have a worthy representative in our catalog.

And if what you want is a look in which your accessories predominate, welcome maxi jewelry, both in earrings and bracelets or bracelets. . Combine these oversized jewelry with tight clothing to enhance this very original contrast of sizes.

To finish this brief review, we want to reassure you if you think you have traveled to the past in a sudden space-time jump. No, you're still in 2024, and yes, cord pendants are back.

Save the date

03/29: Launch of new collection: Denim
03/31: Last day of the Spring Kuori special offer
04/01: April Fool's Day
04/20-24: Venice Biennale 2024

Celebrate spring with Kuori

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