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In Your Case 004 - Abril 2024 - Fashion / Tech / Lifestyle by Kuori

Innovation and sustainability in a 080 with a lot of rhythm

With the participation of twenty-four renowned designers and brands, the 33rd edition of the 080 Fashion Week in Barcelona has transformed the Modernist Sant Pau Venue into a stage of fashion and trend from April 9th to 12th. Names like 404 Studio stand out, capturing attention with its quest for uniqueness and reinterpretation of tradition, along with Custo Barcelona, internationally recognized for its boldness and innovation in the use of color and prints.Another brand that has drawn interest is HABEY CLUB, distinguished by its "slow fashion" philosophy and commitment to sustainability, using recycled and organic fabrics in its creations.It is worth mentioning the presence of Eñaut, winner of the National Emerging Design Award from the Government of Catalonia, who has brought his unique vision of fashion to the audience of the 080 Fashion Week. And, of course, Txell Miras, with her conceptual and avant-garde fashion, has continued to impress with her ability to merge fashion with art and innovation.

New iPads

It looks like Apple is about to drop the bomb with the new iPads!

According to Mark Gurman from "Bloomberg", we could see the long-awaited iPad Pro with the M3 chip and the sixth-generation iPad Air starting from the week of May 6th. After a fairly quiet 2023 in terms of major updates to their tablets, it seems that Apple wants to shake things up. We'll be keeping an eye out for their release! And to make the wait sweeter, you can check out our bestsellers. BESTSELLERS KUORI

Light and pastel tones, also on your nails

Just like in clothing, this spring-summer season is all about light and pastel colors, as well as pink, which should complement your skin tone.

Another top trend is Clean nails. With this effect, nails look very clean and, moreover, they go well with any outfit. And if you want your nails to stand out, you can apply encapsulated dried flowers, glitter baths, or diamonds, either with a single stone or all over the nail.

Lastly, something more traditional but still in the forefront is the half-moon design and the micro-French, which if you combine with nude color bases, you'll have an iconic manicure. And you? How will you get them done? Whatever your choice, if you combine it with one of our phone cases, the match will be explosive. SEE PHONE CASES

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